Furry 3D artist specialising in models for VR Chat, VSeeFace and Tower Unite

Hello! I'm Kaide, a 27 year old 3D furry artist reigning from the United Kingdom. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Creative Arts from the University of Cumbria in 2018 but I'd say I'm mostly self taught. Honestly If you've got a cute character I want to model it and we can make that happen! Thank you for looking at my work!

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Commission Info and Prices

Base cost: £500-£750

Commissions are taken in batches and taken via google forms. Access to this form is linked on my twitter and in a telegram commission notifcation chat. After opening for 4 Days I will select a number of models to work on.

A base model includes a lot! In this price you'll get the model and all the files associated, which will come full UV's and textures, eye tracking with look up and down movement, full visemes and bones that are Dynamic Bone ready.* They now even come with 5 basic expressions! These are Happy, Sad, Angry, Joy and Blep. You even get a render of them posing! All my models are fully tested using Full Body Tracking (FBT).

Please note this is based on my interpretation of the character you have referenced. Things that will increase the price includes elements such as wings, extra limbs, complex hairstyles and intricate textures.


You're not limited to that alone! I can add a load of extra features to make your avatar stand out!VRChat to VSeeFace Port: £50**
Clothing: £50+
Simple accessories: £25+
Expressions: £10+
Anything else: Negotiable!

* Please be aware you will need to purchase Dynamic Bones from the unity asset store for $20USD, this is NOT included.

** This is the price for any model commissioned through me, there is a seperate price if i'm porting models created by another artist.

Additional Services

In addition to full commissions, I'm also open to a number of other model porting options. If you've an existing model you'd like in VR Chat or Tower Unite I can do that! If you'd like edits made to an existing model they can also be done!
(Models you commissioned from me will already have a VR Chat Port)

Basic VR Chat Port (no edits needed to the model): £50
Regular VR Chat Port (minor edits needed): £75
Overhaul Model VR Chat Port (Major edits required): £100+
Tower Unite Basic Port (No edits needed): £20
Tower Unite Advanced Port (Edits needed): £40+
VSeeFace Port (VR Chat model): £50
VSeeFace Port (Bare model): £100
UV Mapping on Existing Model: £25
Basic Humanoid rig applied to Existing Model: £25
Idle animation on an Existing Model: £100+
Feel free to inquire about other services! My DM's are open on twitter and telegram. These are all just estimates and the costs may be higher depending on the work needed.

I have stopped accepting Facerig/Animaze commissions for the time being. Sorry for any Inconvenience this causes.

Basic Terms and Conditions

You agree that you are over 18+ if you commission meYou agree to treat me with respect, and conduct your tone without any homophobia, racism, anti semitism, white superiority or any other forms of bigotry. I will not tolerate abuse of ANY kind.You will have the rights to use the model however you wish under a personal licence, the model cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Using any VR Chat rig or VSeeFace for streaming/recording Video content is allowed under a personal licence. Sale of the assets on merchandise, sale of the model in part or whole or for use in an extended piece of media such as a game would warrant a commercial licence. Please contact me if you intend to use my work in any projects beyond personal work.I will work both Safe For Work and specific types of Not Safe For Work projects, please see the full terms for restrictions.Once delivered you'll have 1 month to contact me about any issues with the model, after that additional costs will incur.I require at least 50% of the payment upfront before starting work. I require 100% before sending any files across (excluding screenshot updates). This is not debatable. Non payment/chargebacks will see me reuse the model for rework and public release.You must have a useable paypal account. All work is conducted via invoices.

Find Full Terms and Conditions at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Psz4RRFx2kI4_zoijJcYPl-vHtWdz-KYNRcvVVkjPM/edit?usp=sharing